Lacoste Style Challenge


Over the past month I got the opportunity to work with LACOSTE Canada on their blogger style challenge (vote for me by liking or commenting here). This was a meaningful project for me because Lacoste is an iconic label that I have been familiar with for all my life. In fact, one of the first gifts that my mom bought my dad was a white Lacoste polo when they were dating in the 80′s. From my parents’ generation down to mine, Lacoste has provided the world with a fun and fashionable approach to sportswear. The modern designs from Lacoste remind me fashion and practicality can always co-exist. I got a lot of inspiration from their recent Spring/Summer runway show that featured monochromatic looks and airy fabrics. I already look forward to seeing what the next collection has to offer!

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Over the Easter long weekend I flew home to Calgary to celebrate my belated birthday with family and friends. The highlight of this weekend was my day trip to Drumheller, a small prairie town that’s home to the world’s largest dinosaur fossil museum. I was a dinosaur fanatic as a kid and I would visit Drumheller annually, but when I turned into my teens this tradition was retired. I have many fond childhood memories in various parts of Drumheller, so this day trip was a very nice walk down the memory lane.

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One Year Wiser


Those of you who follow my Instagram account would know that I turned one year wiser the other day. I already consider it a luxury to not be alone on my birthday, but over the weekend I was spoiled with delicious meals alongside some of the best company I know. On my main day, I dined at l’Abattoir in Gastown. For the past few years it has been my birthday tradition to have dinner at this amazing French restaurant. Funny enough, I order the same entrée every time too – the Duck Breast! Glad it still remains to be on the menu. Although I normally love trying new things, on special occasions I prefer sticking to old traditions for the sake of sentimental value.

Tomorrow I’m jetting off to spend my 5 day long Easter weekend in Calgary! I will be visiting Drumheller (super excited) and will have belated birthday celebrations with family and old friends. To be honest, my birthday doesn’t appeal to me because it’s my “big” day; I look forward to it because it provides me with an opportunity to connect with friends and close ones. After you hit the legal age, who really cares to be a year older anyways? LOL!

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The combination of black and cobalt blue has always appealed to me as funky and futuristic. It reminds me of one of my favourite old cartoons, The Jetsons. Today I sported this colour combination in a minimalistic fashion with a black sweatshirt and cobalt jeans. The mesh panels on this black sweatshirt adds to the futuristic vibe, and to top things off I accessorized with my square sunglasses and digital watch. Just waiting for my flying car to pick me up now!

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