While living out of a suitcase, I occasionally struggled with finding the motivation to dress presentably. But when I was in Kraków, the city’s stunning scenery served as my inspiration. Walking through Krakow’s Old Town felt like walking through a painting, and I wanted to be a part of it. This historic centre is quite large and is very lively at any time of day, so I had no issue with spending hours and hours here.


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Warsaw Continued


Here are some photos that I took on my last day in Warsaw. Warsaw is one of the bigger cities in Eastern Europe, so I do recommend visiting for more than a day or two. Even though I stayed right in city centre, many attractions were still beyond walking distance for me. Fortunately, Warsaw has a very efficient metro system that’s very easy to understand (not always the case in Europe). I must say that Warsaw does appear to be a bit rugged at times, but I appreciate the historical elements that can witnessed in every foot of this capital city.


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Out of all the European cities I’ve visited, Warsaw really left an impression on me because it has the most beautiful old town that I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard stories about the picturesque beauty of Paris, Budapest, and Prague, but in my opinion none of them really matched up to the perfection of Warsaw’s historic centre. Warsaw’s Old Town is quite small, but a stunning view can be found in its every corner. I’ll let the photos do the talking from here ;)


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#ProjectWarehouse : Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Event


Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Denim & Supply Ralph Laurens Project Warehouse event at the Hudson’s Bay in Downtown Vancouver. I have been a fan of Denim & Supply for years and I was so excited to be a representative for this brand. This was my first time hosting an event on behalf of my blog, so I was naturally a bit nervous beforehand. Upon arriving to The Bay, I met the store’s Denim & Supply team and my co-host Alison from the blog Styling my Life. Alison and the team were both very lovely and I had so much fun hosting this event with people who share my passion for fashion. Throughout the event we had a wonderful time talking with guests about fashion, blogging, and what we love about the Denim & Supply label. There was even a bit of dancing involved!

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East Dane/Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway


Since their launch last year, I’ve been a frequent shopper of East Dane. It’s an easy-to-shop fashion store that carries many of my favourite designer labels and also introduces me to many new brands as well. In fact, some of my most frequently used items are from East Dane: these Opening Ceremony Sunglasses, this Filson backpack, and this Jack Spade Flannel shirt. I really enjoy the mens shoes section of East Dane because they have a very good selection of sizes and styles. What’s even better is the 50% Off Mens - I think it’s one of the most visited page on my browser!

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