48 Hours in Riga


After visiting Tallinn, I headed south to the next Baltic state – Latvia. My stay in Latvia was only two days long, so I was only able to pay a visit to Riga, the capital city. Although Riga is quite small compared to most other capital cities, every inch of its old town its extremely well maintained. I spent most my time in Riga admiring the historic Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture that this city is known for.

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Modern Tallinn


Hello again after my longest blogging hiatus! Over the past month I’ve been travelling during the day and working remotely on some evenings, which has left practically no time for blogging (I’m much more active on my Instagram account though). Since the beginning of June I’ve travelled across twelve different countries. Although I’m very exhausted now and would love to rest in bed for a few days, my travel experiences have been very rich and rewarding. At the moment I’m leaving Slovenia and en route to Croatia! Even though I haven’t been posting lately, I have accumulated a lot of photos and stories that I intend to share, although a bit late. My favourite part about having a blog is that it’s a place where I can share and store the most memorable moments of my life. Please stay tuned!

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Bright in Estonia


After Helsinki, I took a short ferry ride to the first Baltic state of my trip: Estonia. I wanted to visit Estonia’s capital city Tallinn after learning about its fascinating history and medieval heritage. While I was in Tallinn I stayed at a hotel in Old Town, the medieval heart of the city. This small part of Tallinn is surrounded by castle walls and is home to the world’s best preserved medieval streets and buildings. Long story short, my experience here was truly unforgettable. Sleeping and waking up within castle walls made me feel as if I had stepped into a whole different dimension. I spent hours and hours wandering around the old streets of Tallinn, and I can still hardly believe that there’s such a place on earth where it seems as if time had never passed.

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Cabin in Seurasaari


The most interesting thing about Helsinki is that it’s a modern metropolitan city engulfed in the most beautiful natural scenery. Although my visit to Helsinki was short, I still found time to admire the natural side of Finland at Seurasaari, a small island that’s home to some walking trails and old Finnish wooden cabins. If I had more time, I would have loved to make a day trip to one of Finland’s massive national parks because other travelers that I met raved about their magnificence. My experience in Finland was so perfect, I hope my next visit isn’t too far away!

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Happy Helsinki


Although Disneyland is supposedly the happiest place on Earth, I think Helsinki is the place that tops my list. I flew to Helsinki after Stockholm without really knowing what to expect at first. After settling down, I rented a bike to explore the city because Helsinki is small and relatively flat. Hours later, Helsinki worked its magic on me and I fell in love the city. With its amazing biking trails, lack of pollution, coastal scenic beauty, and delicious food, Helsinki is hard not to love. On top of all this, Finnish people are extremely kind and were always willing to help me out. This is definitely a city that I wouldn’t mind living in! It truly makes me happy :)

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