Back when I was a teenager, I restricted myself to only travelling to well known and highly acclaimed destinations. I felt that these places had the most “quality assurance” for tourists. As I grew older, I became more inclined to explore off-the-map destinations in search of greater adventures. I feel that having the courage to travel off-beaten paths is what defines you as a traveler. It is this mindset that led me to discovering the city of Vilnius.

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Squamish Valley Music Festival 2014


I felt like a true globetrotter last week because I spent Sunday in Manchester, Monday to Thursday in London, Friday in Vancouver, and then the weekend in Squamish for the Squamish Valley Music Festival. The SVMF was a particular highlight for me because it was my first ever music festival and I had an indescribable amount of fun! What made things even better was that I had the honour of attending this event as a brand ambassador for Denim & Supply for Ralph Lauren, one of my favourite brands for casual clothing. For this weekend event I wore two full looks from Denim & Supply that stylishly put me into the festival spirit.

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Packing for the Squamish Music Festival


I just returned to Vancouver from London last night and I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I’m no longer in a foreign country. My travels were very rewarding and I have so many stories and photos that I’ll be sharing on the blog soon! Although I’m still jet lagged, tomorrow I’ll be on the road again to attend the Squamish Music Festival for the weekend! I’m attending this event as a brand ambassador for The Hudson Bay Co. and I am beyond thrilled since this will be the first music festival of my life. Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter for live updates from the event!

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48 Hours in Riga


After visiting Tallinn, I headed south to the next Baltic state – Latvia. My stay in Latvia was only two days long, so I was only able to pay a visit to Riga, the capital city. Although Riga is quite small compared to most other capital cities, every inch of its old town its extremely well maintained. I spent most my time in Riga admiring the historic Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture that this city is known for.

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Modern Tallinn


Hello again after my longest blogging hiatus! Over the past month I’ve been travelling during the day and working remotely on some evenings, which has left practically no time for blogging (I’m much more active on my Instagram account though). Since the beginning of June I’ve travelled across twelve different countries. Although I’m very exhausted now and would love to rest in bed for a few days, my travel experiences have been very rich and rewarding. At the moment I’m leaving Slovenia and en route to Croatia! Even though I haven’t been posting lately, I have accumulated a lot of photos and stories that I intend to share, although a bit late. My favourite part about having a blog is that it’s a place where I can share and store the most memorable moments of my life. Please stay tuned!

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