Freestyle : Hooded Vest + Camo Details

Having a bit of a hard time believing it’s Thursday – this week completely flew by! It’s been a busy few days for me because I’ve just embarked on some new projects at work that have exercised a lot of my creative thinking. No complaints though, I always tell people that being busy is good because it means you’re important! Haha!


I’m wearing:

Forever 21 Hooded Vest│Gap Deep V TeeZara Silk Camouflage Tie│Jack Jones ShortsH&M Espadrilles│Gucci Sunglasses│Obey Camouflage Backpack│Guess? Leather Cuff


Today’s after hours look is more freestyle than other casual looks that I’ve sported on this blog. In this look I’m elevating my plain white tee with a unique hooded vest and an unexpected camouflage silk tie.





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  • KhloeLo

    love your bag pack <3

    check out my latest look:


    • Justin L

      Thank you Khloe! Will check out your look too

  • Trevor

    Hey! I really like your outfit! By the way, this is something new, but would you be able to put a price tag (or retail value) for all the items you list in your outfit? I’m a student and I find designer clothes a lil too much on the pricey end to fit my taste. I would love to buy similar pieces like you to spice things up, but it’s hard to find a well priced item I could afford. Just like People’s Magazine, they have a section where they show clothes a celebrity would wear and on the other side, what an everyday person would be able to afford. Maybe you could do one of those!
    Thanks and I look forward to your future posts/blogs.

    • Justin L

      Hey Trevor, thanks for the note! For the items I wear that are still in stores I usually link to them in the “I’m wearing” section below my first photo. However many of the items I’m wearing in this look are older (the vest is 3+ years old), so unfortunately I can’t provide you with prices or a method of buying them. Sorry!

      I definitely think that fashion doesn’t have to be pricey though, and when I was a student (and even now) I did not splurge on designer products often. You can visit my “Where I shop” page to get some more ideas for how to get designer looks for less. Thanks Trevor, hope to hear from you again!