Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt


To follow up with my last post about what I wear to work when I have no meetings, this post will be about what I wear for meeting days. When I need to look professional on hot summer days, I opt for a crisp shirt with its sleeves rolled up paired with a tie and tailored pants. Depending on the occasion, a jacket may be necessary too. I like wearing lighter colours for meetings not only because it adheres to summer trends, but also because it makes you stand out and appear more approachable. A guy in a pink shirt often looks much friendlier than a man in black – am I right?

Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt

I’m wearing:

Express Plaid Dress ShirtAsos Tailored Trousers│Kenneth Cole Loafers (old)│ LP Peene Burlap Briefcase│ Club Monaco Chambray Tie

Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt

Last month during summer sales I was on a hunt to buy new dress shirts for work. While shopping, I checked out Express for the first time in years after being lured in by their massive selection of sale dress shirts. As I tried on my first dress shirt from them, I was very impressed with how perfect it fit me – their size small fits me immaculately. After I went home with one dress shirt, I discovered that it also retains its shape very well after washing and drying. With so many redeeming qualities, I returned to the store and bought another five, this pink one being one of them. It helped that they were on a super good deal too. Always happy to add another store to my shopping trips!

Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt

Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt

Meeting Minutes : Chambray Tie + Express Dress Shirt

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  • Natalie Ramm

    Those pants are very flattering and I love the color!

    • Justin L

      Thank you Natalie!

  • Mirna

    When I read pink shirt, I was imagining PINK, but that shade is absolutely beautiful. You look very approachable and well put together. The shirt adds a lot of personality to your overall outfit. Awesome, as always! ^_^


    • Justin L

      Thanks Mima! Pink is actually one of my favourite work colours – a bit unexpected!

  • Parsimonious Penny

    To be honest, if I’d seen that pink and blue checked shirt on a shelf I’d never have imagined it could work but it looks great on you!! How do you do it??

    • Justin L

      Wow Penny, such a lovely compliment! Really appreciate it!

  • Another great post J! Love the combo of the tie and the shirt – works really well together! – A blog for the modern man

    • Justin L

      Thanks Ged, appreciate it! Good to see you again!

  • Jocellyn

    Love the shirt and your “shoe” snapshots are quickly becoming a favorite. I recently bought a top from Express. I have a “larger” top half, so finding button ups that don’t gape at the chest is very difficult. There tops were fitted (while still being office appropriate) and very comfortable. And I liveee by their leggings.

  • Nia Simone

    I used to shop at Express. It’s a great store. I treated myself to shopping today for an upcoming trip. I thought about you while I selected things! I bought some colorful t-shirts are The Gap, short and a belt at White House | Black Market and a dress at Banana Republic.

    Like the look!!

  • Jessica Knapp

    This is a great business casual look!