Big Heart : Graphic Tee + Red Loafers


We made it to Friday! I’m particularly excited for this weekend because…don’t judge me…the Pokemon World Championships are in town! My friend Ken hooked me up with Media Passes for this event and I’m so looking forward to this opportunity to relive my childhood.

Big Heart : Graphic Tee + Red Loafers

I’m wearing:

Comme des Garcons Tee | Banana Republic Denim Jacket | H&M Jeans | Bacco Bucci Suede Loafers

Big Heart : Graphic Tee + Red Loafers

My taste in graphic tees has really changed over the years. Back in High School I really liked wearing darker graphic tees that have a grungier feel. In recent years I’ve turned the other way and now I prefer to wear brighter and happier graphic tees on my days off. This Comme des Garcons tee is a favourite of mine and it is just that.

Big Heart : Graphic Tee + Red Loafers




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  • Nia Simone

    I love that graphic Tee! I didn’t even know what a graphic Tee was before now! I have a really cool one I will need to get a picture of and put on my blog. Time to give you another shout out, anyway.

    Really glad you have fun plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

    P.S. Those are the coolest loafers ever.
    P.P.S. You are inspiring me to get out of the house and do some long-overdue shopping.

    • Justin L

      Thanks Nia, you’re always so sweet! I hope you find one that suits you, and enjoy your shopping trip!

  • I like the red loafers. It gives you a POP of color. Good post.

    • Justin L

      Thank you! Glad you like them and I hope to see you again!

  • Joseph Padilla

    Hi! I noticed you have a denim jacket from Banana Republic, which is rad since I have a similar one in a lighter wash. I’d like to know a couple of things: First off, did you buy it with your usual size? I ask because I typically get a Large when it comes to jackets. When I got it, it was so snug in the arms that it was hard for me to drive (and this was with a light cardigan and tee underneath), so I had to size up. Second, how could you tell if a denim jacket fits well? I have a couple of pics of it, one with a hoodie and one with a tee. If you could give me some insight and opinions about the fit of my BR jacket, that will be wonderful. Thanks!

    • Justin L

      Hi Joseph, sorry for the late response!

      Yes, I did buy this jacket in my usual size – small. I would like the sleeves to be a bit slimmer, but other than that the jacket is pretty true to size.

      For denim jackets, I don’t think it has to be completely fitted. Especially since the material doesn’t stretch much, you don’t want to go for a size that’s too snug. The one you’re wearing looks like it fits you well!

  • The loafers and the t-shirt are adorable. Such a fun & cool look.

    Cheers, Alina

    • Justin L

      Thank you Alina, your blog is great too!