Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall


The past week has been super busy for me and so I was pretty stoked for this weekend. In this one week I did a short road trip to Seattle, wrapped up a couple of my projects at work, and attended two conferences. Not bad for productivity, but sleeping in this morning definitely felt good.

Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall

I’m wearing:

Armani Exchange Moto Jacket | Asos Black Tee | Abercrombie & Fitch Destroyed Jeans | Converse Leather Chuck Taylors | Leather Holdall (from Hong Kong) | Gucci Square Sunglasses

Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall

I’ve actually found the recent sporty trend to be quite useful when I’m in a hurry to leave the house. Yesterday I headed out for an Indian dinner and I literally had only minutes to change from my work clothes to something more casual. I instinctively grabbed torn jeans and this sporty moto jacket for a simple look that’s on trend.

Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall

Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall

Speedy : Sporty Jacket + Leather Holdall

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  • KhloeLo

    so cool!! love your outfit!

    check out my latest look:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3448


    • Justin L

      Thanks Khloe! Will do!

  • Sabrina Simington

    Ok Justin, tell me about your bag. It looks worn, but that’s what makes it better.

    • Justin L

      Hi Sabrina! I got this bag from Asia a few years back. It’s leather and is perfect in size, so I use it quite a bit. I agree that worn leather looks better!

  • Daniel Gunter

    I lack your ultimate coolness!

    • Justin L

      Haha, thanks Daniel!

  • Nia Simone

    Hi Justin,

    Like the outfit!