Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers


Vancouver had some pretty intense rain for the past few days, so I spent most of my weekend running errands and doing work around the house. I did manage to have brunch at Cork & Fin with my designer friend Tenille though – she’s participating in a fashion show next month and it was so cool to hear about her plans and accomplishments!

Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers

I’m wearing:

Zara Knit Blazer | Gap V-neck Tee | Gap ‘Super Skinny’ Jeans | Mercanto Fiorenti Horsebit Loafers | Kenneth Cole Leather Tablet Case

Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers

The coming few weeks features my favourite weather of the year. The mild weather around 15-20 degrees Celsius is perfect to me because it’s not too hot and a simple sweater is enough to keep me covered.

Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers

Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers

Mild : Knit Blazer + Horsebit Loafers

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  • Kitt Noir

    Love the Knit Blazer

    • Justin L

      Thanks Kitt!

  • I love raining! It has been pretty hot here in LA but it is cooling down! Super cool outfit!

    • Justin L

      Haha “cool” LA is still warmer than “hot” Vancouver – jealous! Thanks, Kim!

  • Jocellyn

    I love all your looks, but this one is my favorite. From a distance it looks like a very casual cardigan, but up close there are the stripes and textures. And that perfect pant roll. Please make a book!

    • Justin L

      Oh wow, thanks so much Jocellyn! Means a lot! Haha not sure if a book will be in the works anytime soon, but this blog will definitely keep in tact!

  • Mirna

    The Horsebit loafers are gorgeous! Fantastic look for running errands. ^_^

    I nominated your awesome blog for the Liebster Award. You can find the questions here:

    Enjoy! ^_^

    • Justin L

      That’s amazing! Thanks Mirna! Readers like you keep me blogging :)

  • I love a simple, clean, casual look that’s easy to wear around especially while running errands. You put together quite nicely! 😀

    • Justin L

      Thanks Kenneth! Appreciate it :)

  • YoungBroke&Fabulous

    Is it bad that I want those shoes? Haha. Also, love a man not afraid to rock a cardigan!

    • Justin L

      Haha not at all, these shoes are comfy and classic! Thanks!

  • Eva Marie Close

    Love that cuddling-in-a-library-while-its-raining-outside look. A cardigan always completes the feel!

    x Eva