Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase


Vancouver is currently being hit by heavy wind and rainfall which has: a) gotten me sick and b) forced me to take blog photos indoors. I am now drinking water non-stop and eating congee to help me recover soon!

Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase

I’m wearing:

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Mixed Media Shirt | Banana Republic ‘Emerson’ Chinos | Forever 21 Combat Boots | Banana Republic ‘Edward’ Work Bag

Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase

This new mixed media shirt is my favourite purchase from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection. From afar it looks like a typical dress shirt, but up close you can see that the sleeves are actually a jersey material while the body is poplin. This subtle difference in texture turns this basic shirt into a fashion piece; I see myself wearing it again in many more evenings out.

Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase

Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase

Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase


Storm : Mixed Media Shirt + Olive Briefcase

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  • Doe Eyed Belle

    The first thing that comes to mind is Camo! Love this look!

    • Justin L

      Yea, I’d probably pair this shirt with camo last time! Thanks Belle!

  • Mirna

    Awesome look! And I love your indoor pictures too. ^_^
    The shirt is pretty cool, I thought you where wearing two shirts.

    Take care. ^_^

    • Justin L

      Haha thanks Mirna! Glad you like the shirt!

  • crispusbett

    Looking dapper!!

    • Justin L

      Thanks man!!

  • Cool outfit! I haven’t gotten a chance to check out this collection yet..Target is only 5 minutes from me! lol
    Hope you feel better soon! Take honey. Drink plenty of OJ.

    • Justin L

      Thanks for the tip, Kim! Haven’t had honey in a while but I definitely drank lots of OJ and tea.

      Lucky you to have Target so nearby!

  • Mallory

    you look awesome!! love the bag! thanks for checking out my blog!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Mallory! Hope to see you around!

  • The Fashion Panda

    That’s a really nice look! Love the combination of the black and green :)

    • Justin L

      Thanks Fashion Panda!

  • Red Reticule

    Very well put together outfit from top to bottom. The textures make the shirt a one of a kind piece.

    • Justin L

      I agree- the subtle details really make a difference! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Military green, the best!!

    • Justin L

      Haha it’s YOUR favourite!

  • Sarah

    Love it!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Parsimonious Penny

    Oo, you look so chic and cool! Especially love how perfectly your bag matches the trousers =)

    • Justin L

      Thanks Penny! Yes, I tend to like matching pieces 😉

  • goldstargay

    What is the sizing like on this?