Early Holiday


Due to scheduling conflicts, my company Holiday Party was a month earlier than usual this year. This was the first business party that I’ve ever attended and it certainly did not disappoint! To dress for this Holiday occasion, I pulled out my velvet blazer and my bow tie – my two “dress to impress” pieces.


I’m wearing:

H&M Velvet Blazer (similar here) │ Uniqlo Polka Dot Shirt │ H&M Bow Tie │ Club Monaco Pants │ Aldo Patent Loafers


I’m by no means an expert at doing bow ties, so I played it safe by choosing one that is already pre-tied. Not only was it easy to put on, but it also stayed in place securely throughout the night.




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  • Kaylee Cranston

    Justin, is that blazer brown or black? Either way it looks great with the pants and button down.

    • Justin L

      Thanks Kaylee! The blazer is actually a wine burgundy colour.

      • Kaylee Cranston

        It looks great! Never would of thought about mixing the blazer with black pants.

  • nilimo

    Love the velvet blazer and polka dot shirt. My son would also love this look.

    • Justin L

      Thanks nilimo! Appreciate it!

  • Mirna

    The shirt is pretty special, it added personality to an already great outfit. I hope you had a lot of fun 😉


    • Justin L

      Thanks Mirna! Appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy your holidays too!

  • Pooja Dasgupta

    You look great! Love the bow-tie look

    • Justin L

      Thanks Pooja! Bow Ties are a bit new to me but I think I’ll be wearing them more from hereon :)

  • You look great. I love that blazer.

    • Justin L

      Thanks Kate!

  • Sarah

    WOW! Soooo handsome! Ravishing! May I have this dance?

    • Justin L

      Why of course, Sarah! Thanks for being so sweet!

  • Parsimonious Penny

    Looking very charming! I love bow-ties, I think they add such a touch of class to any formal outfit!

    • Justin L

      Thank you Penny! I’ll try to wear more bow ties in the future 😉