All Black


One quirky fact about me is that I’m a devoted movie fanatic. Whenever there’s a movie in theaters that I absolutely love, I watch it multiple times until it is no longer showing. I did this in the past for Batman : The Dark Knight, the final Harry Potter movie, and Les Miserables. This weekend, I did the same for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as I watched it two nights in a row. This entire film is filled with both visual and emotional intensity and I can’t stress how amazing Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was. I think I may go for a third round!


I’m wearing:

Topman Lux Leather Bomber Jacket (similar here) │ Topman Tee (underneath) │ Diesel Thavar Pants │ Zara Leather Boots


On the topic of The Hunger Games, I recently came across this article on The Hollywood Reporter that discusses the anatomy of the main character Peeta’s leather jacket. It was mindblowing to see the amount of thought that’s put into every detail of this movie’s costumes. Although I’ve refrained from wearing all-black, seeing Peeta’s sleek all-black looks made me reconsider – hence this shoot. My tips for wearing all-black would be to pick fitted pieces and to use different textures. In this look here I’m wearing slim-fitting pieces in black suede, leather, and waxed cotton.




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  • Nia Simone

    You look great! My wardrobe needs an overhaul. I like these suggestions. I think they would work for other monochromatic looks. I always liked how cream looks in different textures. You’d really have to buy an outfit though so the colors are the same. It’s easier for black.

    I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet because I loved the books SO much but they were pretty violent. Maybe I’ll check them out, though.

  • Mirna

    Absolutely amazing jacket! I goes really well with the boots.