Henderson Waves


Whenever I travel to other cities, I always have a few “off the map” places that I want to visit. For Singapore, it was the Henderson Waves – the coolest jogging trail on the planet! The downside to this trail is that it’s located on top of Mount Faber and takes a long hike to reach. It took me almost an hour to find this place! Fortunately the Henderson Waves is as stunning in real life as it is in photos, and I now have one more thing checked off of my bucket list.


I’m wearing:

Topman Mesh Tee │ Old Navy Shorts │ New Balance Sneakers │ Lacoste ‘Goa’ Watch │ Obey Backpack │ Gucci Sunglasses




Mount Faber isn’t a very tall mountain (by Canadian standards), but because Singapore is very flat, its peak serves as a vantage point of the city and the nearby resort island Sentosa.





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  • Nick Chan

    Love the outfit!! Very cool location as well!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Nick!! See you soon!

  • Sarah

    Very cool!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Sarah! Happy New Year!

  • Miri Rusakov

    Love! I actually just published a post on guy style! I thought you might like it :) here is the link: http://boldmode.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/how-to-stylish-guy-without-being-flamboyant/

    • Justin L

      Thanks for sharing, Miri!

  • Very nice trail! Earning your run seems very daunting though

    • Justin L

      Hi Jocellyn! Haha it was a bit daunting but nevertheless worth the effort!

  • Mirna

    If it looks like this in pictures, I can only imagine the real deal… Amazing photos!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Mirna! Happy New Year to you!