Happy New Years, everyone! Wishing everyone all the best in 2014!

My first blog post this year is from Chinatown in Singapore. One of my favourite things about Singapore is its diverse cultural composition. In this city you can find an Indian Temple, a Malaysian Mosque, and a Chinese Temple all on the same street. Chinatown was one of my favourite districts to explore because it’s home to a lot of delicious food!


I’m wearing:

H&M Baseball Cap │ H&M Long-sleeved Tee │ Zara Jeans │ Superga Sneakers │ Billykirk Bag (c/o East Dane)



I tried Sichuan food for the first time in Singapore’s Chinatown. One of Sichuan’s signature dishes is the 口水雞, a cold spicy chicken dish. It was amazing! The dish’s name translates to “Saliva Chicken” because it is so good that it makes you salivate. That had me confused for a second too!





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  • Sabrina Simington

    Hey Justin, Yea, like the bag. Hope you are having a good trip.

    • Justin L

      Hi Sabrina, yes I am! Thanks and Happy New Years!

  • Chinatown looks really nice! I think it’s much better than here in LA! lol Hope you are having a great time! Happy New Year!

    • Justin L

      Thank you Kim! I was pleasantly surprised with Singapore’s Chinatown too. Wish you a Happy New Year as well!