Wandering : Postcard from Kuala Lumpur


After Singapore, I took a brief half-hour flight to get up to Kuala Lumpur. Normally when I travel, I’m quite well-planned and have an itinerary drafted out. However I was too busy beforehand to plan out much for KL, so I decided to wing it – no plans! On my first day in town, I asked a taxi driver to drop me off in the heart of the historic city centre and I wandered my way around. I ended up being overwhelmed by countless amazing sights that were far beyond what I had expected.


I’m wearing:

Topman Denim Shirt │ Joe Fresh Shorts │ New Balance Sneakers │ Banana Republic Bag (very old) │ Sunpocket Sunglasses (c/o East Dane)







The only attraction that I really anticipated seeing was the Jamek Mosque. However it was closed for visitors upon my visit, so I could only admire it from a distance.





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  • Sarah

    Thanks for sharing your pics. Looks like a cool place. When I was 19 I visited Paris. On my last day there, a Tuesday, I went to the Louvre, only to find out it was closed on Tuesday. Ah well, like you, I took pictures of the outside. :)

    • Justin L

      Thanks Sarah! Sorry to hear that the Louvre wasn’t open for you =( But I guess that’s an excuse to go back to lovely Paris again!

  • Nia Simone

    I’ve been enjoying this series, Jason. Great photos. I feel like I’m there. I plan to visit Singapore this year so I’ll be checking your post about Singapore to help me plan.

    • Justin L

      Thanks Nia! Singapore is a great city, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  • Very beautiful city. I like the shoes and the sunglasses