In Kuala Lumpur I stayed at the Traders Hotel located in the heart of the city. This area is called the KLCC, which stands for the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The KLCC is the modern business district of the city that is home to many shopping malls, famous restaurant/bars, and beautiful architecture (most notably the Petronas Twin Towers). My favourite part of the area is the charming KLCC Park where I’d go for short strolls every morning. It reminds me of Central Park in New York, but a lot smaller and hotter!


I’m wearing:

Criminal Damage Tee │ Zara Jeans │ Superga ‘Cotu’ Sneakers │ Obey Backpack │ Gucci Sunglasses





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  • Parsimonious Penny

    Ooo, I love the comic-book t-shirt! =) Lovely picture of the Petronas Towers by the way!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Penny! The towers are indeed quite the sight :)

  • TweeWu

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and it was very nice meeting you at Erbert Chong’s show! I hope to see you in Hong Kong again soon =)

    p.s. very cool t-shirt 😉

    x Twee Instagram: @ezzentrictwee EzzentricTopz.blogspot.com facebook.com/EzzentricTopz

    • Justin L

      Thanks Theresa! Was a pleasure meeting you as well! I’m sure we will bump heads again soon =)

  • My Chan

    Hi Justin! Love your blog, and awesome shirt!
    Thank you for stopping by mine : )
    Happy Sunday!


  • I love this outfit at all <3
    Great jeans, shoes and top of course 😉