Red in Soho


From Kuala Lumpur I flew to the final stop of my trip: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is my hometown and it’s where all of my relatives reside, so this city has been close to my heart for my entire life. Hong Kong is also home to world class food, divine shopping, and amazing sights, so no amount of time here ever seems enough for me. If you haven’t visited Hong Kong yet, I highly highly recommend it!


I’m wearing:

Gap V-neck Sweater │ Banana Republic Plaid Shirt │ Uniqlo Legging Jeans │ Zara Chelsea Boots │ Banana Republic Camera Bag (very old)


One of the highlights of my trip was meeting local fashion blogger Nick from Cut & Copy and Style on Pottinger. Nick and I met online through blogging months ago and we decided to physically meet up when I’m in Hong Kong. He brought me to Soho in Central, a historic area in Hong Kong Island that’s characterized by old buildings and countless concrete steps (where these photos were shot). Nick and I shared enjoyable conversations about everything from the Hong Kong fashion scene to childhood cartoons (ride on the Magic School Bus!). It was interesting how we had so many common topics of interest despite growing up on opposite ends of the globe. It was a pleasure to meet Nick and I hope we will see each other again!



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