Tai O


Like every metropolitan city, Hong Kong is always bustling and fast-paced. As much as I appreciate the city’s liveliness and energy, once in a while I do crave some quiet time. After being in Hong Kong for a couple weeks, I took a day trip out to Tai O, a fishing village that’s a bit over an hour’s drive away from city centre. Also known as the Venice of Asia, Tai O is a pedestrian only village that is engulfed between mountains and the ocean. Tai O is dramatically more tranquil and slow-paced than Hong Kong, which makes it an excellent getaway from the city smog and crowds.


I’m wearing:

Puzzle Tee (from Hong Kong) │ Uniqlo Jeans │ New Balance 565 Walking Shoes │ Sunpocket Sunglasses (c/o East Dane)




My New Balance 565’s have been with me through thick and thin on this trip, and yet they’re still in great shape. Because they offer supreme comfort for long walks, they’re my footwear of choice for day trips and excursions. I’m inclined to purchase a second pair!


Tai O’s main canal is a breathtaking sight.


Villagers’ of Tai O reside in stilt houses built on water.




The highlight of my time in Tai O was my coffee break at Solo Cafe. This cafe is slightly hidden and I wouldn’t have discovered it without the recommendation of my aunt. Here I indulged in a cup of Colombian roast and a slice of New York cheesecake (very delicious) alongside an unbeatable view of the canal.



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  • Pooja Dasgupta

    This truly looks like the Venice of Asia. Lovely photographs.

    • Justin L

      Haha it sure is! Thanks Pooja!

  • Beautiful photos! Love those sneakers :)
    the way to my Hart

    • Justin L

      Thank you Jessica! Your photos are beautiful too!

  • E Mamakli

    Justin I love the pictures of this small town. Feels so peaceful and unique. Also love your tee. Xo, Elif

    • Justin L

      Thanks Elif! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kyle Rodriguez

    Great post, Justin! Love the casual yet sophisticated outfit. That looks like a very tranquil location.


    • Justin L

      Thank you Kyle!! Yes it’s a great spot :)

  • Anu Workmail

    Love this post, great to know that Asia itself has so much scenic beauty. Also with that look, you added a great dose of style to Tai O!

    • Justin L

      Wow, thanks Anu! Really appreciate your support!

  • You looking good as always and am loving the background of the pictures, it’s simple, earthly and refreshing.