Go Fish


Happy Lunar New Year!

新年快樂, 恭喜發財!

I wish everyone a healthy and wealthy Year of the Horse!


I’m wearing:

Camouflage Jacket (from a Korean store in Hong Kong) │ H&M Long-sleeved Tee │ Uniqlo Legging Jeans │ Zara Chelsea Boots │ H&M Tweed Cap


These photos were taken in Lei Yue Mun (鯉魚門) in Hong Kong, another fishing village that I visited on my trip. LYM is a lot smaller than Tai O, but its ambience is similar. I’m really starting to love the tranquility and peacefulness of fishing villages; In fact, I think I may have been a fisherman in my former life! Before arriving at LYM I was only expecting to see seafood and scenery. But, I ended up being surprised with this colourful ceiling of flying carps that really brightened up the gloomy day.





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  • Lovely places ! amazing jacket !!!



    • Justin L

      Thanks for stopping by Ivan!!

  • Mirna

    Happy New Lunar Year Justin!

    By the way, love the camo. :)

    • Justin L

      Thanks Mirna! You too!

  • Sarah

    Happy New Year to you, Justin!

    • Justin L

      Thanks Sarah! To you too!

  • Cristian Moya

    Amazing pics! I like to move to make picture…You can check it out on y blog and then you will understand, but I just look for the architecture, Hong Kong it’s so pretty and your pictures have a nice colour too! I follow you right now!


    bye, Cristian Mo Ya

    • Justin L

      Thanks Cristian! I really enjoy your blog and will be following too!

  • Cool pictures. I really enjoy your looks. I like the camouflage color in combination with the bright colorful pictures of the fishes! So awesome.



    • Justin L

      Thanks Stella! Appreciate your support!

  • Hi Justin 😉 I love this outfit, mostly your jacket 😉

    Of course place, and pics of background are amazing <3

    Greetings from Poland :)


    • Justin L

      Thanks Nabil! Always appreciate your comments :)

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    Happy Lunar year stylish! This place is amazing! xxx


    • Justin L

      Haha thanks a million! Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

  • Happy New Year!!! =) i really love the jacket !!


    • Justin L

      Thanks Charlie! Happy New Year to u too

  • The jacket design get me wanting one right now….. Your outfit came out right *thumbs upl*