Whenever I meet friends abroad, I’m always amused to tell them that I grew up in a city where it gets as cold as Siberia during the winter. This was the case on my last day in Calgary as I was bid farewell with light flurries and -25°C weather. Growing up, there’d always be a few winter days every year when the snow was horrendous and traffic was uncontrollable. Although these days sound miserable, they were actually the most exciting and memorable to me. Trotting through meter-high snow, being stuck on the school bus for two hours, and helping neighbors push their car out of the snow – these are all memories that only the Canadian prairies can offer. It’s on these cold days that people are the warmest to one another and hot chocolate tastes the best.


Wearing a thermal tee, a thick sweater, a car coat, and cashmere-lined gloves, my upper body was actually not too cold. The biggest issue was my ears, as they were freezing and numb (hence the redness in these photos). Next time I’ll make sure to bring earmuffs to brave the Calgarian winter.





I’m wearing:

Coat : Banana Republic (old, circa 2009) │ Sweater : Club Monaco │ Jeans : Uniqlo │ Boots : Zara │ Gloves : Banana Republic

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