London in Mind



British fashion is my main source of style inspiration. Whenever I’m in London, I really appreciate the street style that I see because it is so experimental and fresh. Being in London encourages me to think outside the box and be more creative in dressing. This look I’m wearing here is inspired by one of the mannequins that I saw at Topman, and I can immediately imagine myself wearing this outfit as I wander around Soho in London. What attracts me to this look is that it has an unexpected modern-meet-preppy appeal. The biker jacket on top is tough and edgy, while the tartan pants and oxford shirt are preppy. A full edgy look or a full preppy look are both too stereotypical for my liking, but when the two are mixed together, it’s perfection!



I believe that everyone you meet becomes a part of you. Each person you meet in your life shares ideas with you that opens up your mind and gives you a greater ability to think. I feel the same way about travelling. Each city I visit opens up my mind as I learn about its culture and different way of living. One city that has really become a part of me is London. Despite how the capital of England is always gloomy and crowded, there’s an atmosphere in London that provides me with an abundance of joy. Each trip I make to London is just as exciting as my first, and I have never found a single visit to be long enough. It’s a city that I wouldn’t ever hesitate going back to and words can’t describe why. One day, I wish to make London my home!


I’m wearing:

Jacket : DNA (from New York) | Shirt : Banana Republic | Pants : Banana Republic | Shoes : Zara

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