Gamla Stan



Greetings from Stockholm! I’ve been in this city for a few days so far and I’m loving every moment here. I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden because I’ve heard great things about the country’s rich history, scenic beauty, and advanced systems. My visit here is confirming that all I’ve heard is true. I feel that Stockholm has the history of a European city, the natural wonders of Canada, and the cutting edge technology of Japan (public transit here is amazingly efficient). Better yet, Swedish people are extremely kind and polite, which makes my stay here so pleasant. Stockholm is a true world class city, and if money were no object I would live here!


The photos in this post were shot in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s historic Old Town. The narrow alleyways, cobbled streets, and cultural buildings in Gamla Stan date from the 13th century but are still very well maintained. When I first did my research on Gamla Stan, I was blown away by its beauty and I knew I wanted to shoot a blog post here. Lucky for me, the weather was gorgeous on the day of my visit and during sunset Gamla Stan looked its very best. As all photographers know, the perfect shot requires luck just as much as skill. I’m happy that I’m starting off my travels with good luck on my side!







I’m wearing:

Shirt : H&M (very old) | Jeans : Old Navy | Shoes : Ralph Lauren | Bag : Ted Baker | Watch : Timex

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  • Lukasz Wasowicz

    I live in Stockholm three years and I love the city.

    • Justin L

      Glad you do, I would love to live here too!

  • Amazing! I definitely want to visit Stockholm one day.

    • Justin L

      You should, it is so cool! Let me know when you do, I’ll tell you which tourist traps to avoid, haha

  • Indian Savage

    So cool!!!!
    I love your shirt and your shoes
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

    • Justin L

      Thank you Maggie!

  • Love the look of the city!!! Eat some swedish meatballs!!

    • Justin L

      Just did :) they were expensive :(

  • The architecture looks amazing! Enjoy your time in Sweden!!
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

    • Justin L

      Thanks Claire! Definitely enjoying!

  • Deborah Poh

    Wow, I continue to be extremely jealous of your amazing travels! I’ve always wanted to visit Sweden (or Europe in general), esp since some of my fav male actors hail from that country 😉 Also, one of my oldest friends stayed there for almost a year for a school exchange program and she fell in love with their amazing history and architecture– things I know I would deeply appreciate as well. As well, my boyfriend went there about a year ago for a work conference and loved it too…

    Loving your blog posts and IG posts– you’re always looking stylish, enjoying such awesome sights, or eating delicious food! Keep it up :)

    xx Debbie

    • Justin L

      Thanks Deb, and sorry for the late reply! Blogging while travelling is…difficult, as you can imagine lol.

      Sweden was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it! It’s like the Tokyo of Europe, it’s so clean and advanced.

      Thanks for your support, and we shall keep in touch!!

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    Beautiful city! xxx

    • Justin L

      Thanks man!

  • Andrés Barreto

    I love the pictures, Justin!!


    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Andres!

  • Ainur

    Yeah, Sweden is an amazing place to visit, beautiful photos and lovely outfit

    • Justin L

      thank you Ainur!

  • borka gamero

    Beautiful! wishing you a great weekend…
    Kisses from Miami,

    • Justin L

      Thank you, Borka!

  • Martin Meyer

    Stockholm is one of my favorite cities! It has such a wonderful charme and is very famous, especially for students from other countries!! I love you outfit! The shoes are really killing me! Love it :)

    • Justin L

      Thanks for the support Martin!! I love Stockholm too!