I.N.O.X : The New Victorinox Watch



As preached by my mother, I have always considered watches to be the fashion pieces that are most worthy of investment. When it comes to choosing a watch, I often lean towards clean and classic designs. But, I also find it interesting to own modern watches that have new cutting-edge technology. I.N.O.X, the new watch from Victorinox Swiss Army, is a prime example of a watch that has the best of both worlds. This watch was created to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the brand and it features a timeless face along with unprecedented quality. This special timepiece was designed to echo the values of the Swiss Army knife: authentic, robust, and reliable under all conditions.

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10 Pieces to Buy for Fall 2014


Fall is my favourite season to dress for because I enjoy layering and pairing different textures. Unfortunately I haven’t done any Fall shopping yet because I’m currently in the midst of moving. To quench my thirst, today I’m sharing a list of 10 items that I’m keen on buying when I am all settled down in my new home.

1. The Overcoat

Being a Vancouverite, Fall to me is a season of torrential downpours. Thus, it is important for me to own a heavy duty coat during this season. The Chapter Agoto Overcoat ($525) catches my eye because it’s the best armour against wet weather. I appreciate its longer length that creates a sleek shape while also providing extra coverage.


2. The New Work Bag

The bags that I use the most are the ones that are both work and weekend appropriate. The Mismo M/S Soft Work Bag ($585) is an excellent example of this. This bag is great for professionals because it has a structured shape and a document sleeve inside. Its nylon material makes this bag slightly more casual and more durable against unfavourable weather.



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These were the last photos that I took in Poland and they were taken in Kazimierz, an old district in Krakow. Historically, this area was inhabited by Jewish people up until the second World War when they were forced to flee. Present-day Kazimierz has changed dramatically, and it is now a hip district with many restaurants and cafes. I explored Kazimierz by bike, which was slightly insane because its roads were cramped and also shared by all forms of transports. My time spent here was an indescribable experience because it felt overwhelming to be in a place that witnessed so many tragic stories.


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While living out of a suitcase, I occasionally struggled with finding the motivation to dress presentably. But when I was in Kraków, the city’s stunning scenery served as my inspiration. Walking through Krakow’s Old Town felt like walking through a painting, and I wanted to be a part of it. This historic centre is quite large and is very lively at any time of day, so I had no issue with spending hours and hours here.


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Warsaw Continued



Here are some photos that I took on my last day in Warsaw. Warsaw is one of the bigger cities in Eastern Europe, so I do recommend visiting for more than a day or two. Even though I stayed right in city centre, many attractions were still beyond walking distance for me. Fortunately, Warsaw has a very efficient metro system that’s very easy to understand (not always the case in Europe). I must say that Warsaw does appear to be a bit rugged at times, but I appreciate the historical elements that can witnessed in every foot of this capital city.


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