Warsaw Continued



Here are some photos that I took on my last day in Warsaw. Warsaw is one of the bigger cities in Eastern Europe, so I do recommend visiting for more than a day or two. Even though I stayed right in city centre, many attractions were still beyond walking distance for me. Fortunately, Warsaw has a very efficient metro system that’s very easy to understand (not always the case in Europe). I must say that Warsaw does appear to be a bit rugged at times, but I appreciate the historical elements that can witnessed in every foot of this capital city.


Wearing a polo underneath a sweater is one my favourite ways to change up a look. The exposed collar gives the sweater a more elevated appeal.


The Palace of Arts and Culture in Warsaw is one of the tallest buildings in Europe. It was a gift from the Soviet Union to Poland back in the mid-twentieth century. I absolutely love the sinister look of this building!



View from the 30th floor of the Palace of Arts and Culture.


Old meets new on the streets of Warsaw. You can find Jewish Ghetto buildings and modern skyscrapers on the same street.






Lastly, thanks to all who participated in my Shopbop/East Dane giveaway last month. Congratulations to Edwin, Brian, Whitney, and Fiona for winning! I will contact you all via e-mail for the prize.

I’m wearing:

Sweater : Joe Fresh | Polo : Banana Republic | Jeans : H&M | Shoes : Superga

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  • Love your pics!

    • Justin L

      Thanks again Nabil!

  • Some of your pictures don’t upload.. I’d love to see them! I’m going to Warsaw in 2 days.. are there any pubs/clubs you’d recommend? I’d like to know where to go 😀

    • Justin L

      Hey! I didn’t do any clubbing or pubbing in Warsaw, unfortunately. But Polish beer is EXTREMELY good, try it out!

  • amo

    very nice sweater

    beautifull place

    Mi blog by Amo

    • Justin L

      Thanks Amo!

  • Martin Meyer

    Warsaw is so pretty!! I love your black and white look!!!


    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Martin! Glad to see you again!