When in Prague



Prague was the city in Eastern Europe that I was most excited to visit after I heard much rave about its exceptional beauty, vibrant culture, and amazing nightlife. Because Prague is so big and has so many attractions, my travel partner Ada and I decided to spend a whole week here. Czech Republic is the one country in Europe that was undamaged from the World Wars, so Prague’s historic streets and buildings are still in surprisingly good condition. Walking around in Prague was like walking in a fairy tale. Everything from its cobbled lanes to its stunning cathedrals merged together to create a magical medieval landscape.



The weather in Prague wasn’t so warm upon my arrival, so I went and purchased a long-sleeved sweater and long pants to stay warm. Around this time in my trip I started getting a bit sick, but I was able to remedy my symptoms by drinking a lot of juice. Fresh pressed juice is quite a popular drink in Prague, and I definitely made the best use of it.







Love how the red streetcars in Prague add a whimsical touch to this historical city.



I’m wearing:

Sweater : H&M | Pants : H&M | Shoes : Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses : Opening Ceremony (c/o East Dane)

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  • I hope I can visit Prague one day!!!

    • Justin L

      I’m sure you will soon!

  • Deborah Poh

    Gorgeous pictures and wonderful commentary as usual Justin, I always love reading about your travels (esp in Europe)! Prague is definitely on the list of European cities for me to visit; although when I first go, I’ll probably only be able to hit the main places of England, Italy, France, and Greece– I want to visit places like Scotland and Ireland one day too! And of course your outfit is perfect for the occasion, stylish yet practical and comfortable for sightseeing. It always sucks when you get sick on a trip, but when you’ve had enough experience, you find a way to push through it!

    Of course I wouldn’t mind if you followed a similar format to my inspiration board; in fact, I’m honoured that you liked it that much haha! Yes, Gone Girl was a bit far fetched in the end and I also agree that some aspects of it rang true– it made me all search within myself for my own flaws. As well, I really agree that it was way too long. When I start getting restless in my seat, it’s time for the movie to be over already!

    Aw hope you’re adjusting well to life in Hong Kong, it really must be weird living in a completely different climate! Hope the new job is going well as well :)

    xx Debbie


    • Justin L

      Hey Deb!

      Scotland and Ireland are on my list too, maybe next time! They look far too beautiful in photos.

      Thanks for sharing such good ideas on the blogosphere! Keep in touch!

  • Really cool look and pictures of Prague! Looks like you had a great time!


    • Justin L

      Thanks Patrick! I sure did!

  • You were in Prague? Oh! Shame I didn’t know your blog before..I would like to meet for a coffee definitely!
    And those photos are gorgeous. Even I live here, I always like photos from Prague, it reminds me that it is really beautiful city =)



  • Beautiful pictures. I hear nice things about Prague.