Secret Hideouts in Prague



There is an abundance of things to love about Prague, but one major turn off for me was the massive amount of tourists during the summer season. Prague was by far the busiest city that I had visited in Eastern Europe and this hit me hard since I stayed near Old Town. But, since I had an entire week to spend in Prague, this gave me time to discover some quiet hideout spots. The first spot I liked is Vitkov, where this post’s photos were taken. Vitkov is a hill in Eastern Prague and its peak serves as both a war memorial and a viewpoint. This spot was recommended to me by a local barista and it’s pretty much the only quiet tourist attraction in town. The hike up the hill takes a little while, but the view from above is astounding.


View of the Prague radio tower and its surrounding landscape.




Not a single soul here! Definitely a rare sight in Prague.



The second spot I’m sharing is ground level: Café Lounge, a restaurant/coffee shop that’s out in Prague 5. This cafe is quite far from city centre but I was inclined to visit after it was recommended to me by multiple locals. I’m so glad that I came because here I found the best latté that I ever had! I seriously never had such a good latté in my life – I ended up having two in one sitting. I kind of regret not having a third. Their lunch special was also delicious as well. How I wish they would open a franchise in Hong Kong!


Café Lounge is bordered by very high stone walls, and this really made me feel as if I were in a secret hideout. Like Vitkov, Café Lounge also didn’t have a soul in sight other than the servers. Because of this, my travel partner Ada and I comfortably spent a couple hours here to unwind. Ada took this time to write in her travel diary while I used it to review the photos I shot. In between fast-paced travels, I think it’s important to take time to review your journey and let the experience seep in. Ada did that by prose, I did that by photography. We both heavily valued our travel experiences and wanted to put our memories in a format that can be revisited (and in my case, shared across the internet!).



I’m wearing:

Tee : H&M | Jeans : Zara | Shoes : New Balance | Sunglasses : Vintage Ray-Ban (similar here)

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  • Prague looks gorgeous and I’d kill for that latte right now!

  • Yay, again nice shots of city where I leave =).
    Btw., that radio/tv tower..we live directly under ;), thanks to that tower, we never get lost =D.

    Next time you need to taste coffee in Ema Espresso Bar (

    Have a great start of new week,


  • Jose Fernandez del Amo

    the lunch looks delicious

    Mi blog by Amo

  • Ohh that lunch looks amazing :) If I travel to Europe next year (like I hope to!) I’ll make sure to visit the place!

  • That latte looks good! 😀 Loved Prague when I was there last year! Definitely a must-visit when you’re in Europe!