comical-1Kicking off the weekend with a quick blog post!  I bought this  Gitman Vintage shirt last month and it’s definitely one of the most unusual pieces I own. I am drawn to the all-over print on this shirt because I have a penchant for vintage American comics.  Over the weekend I paired this shirt with just a simple pair of shorts and red loafers. Perhaps for events in the future, I plan to wear this shirt with a blazer and leather pants for a more fashion-forward look.


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Hong Kong Hustle



Although I’ve been a style blogger for a few years now, I never really familiarized myself with suits. Back in Canada I worked as a web developer, so there was never a need for a fancy dress code. Recently I just started a new job that requires a corporate dress code, and so I was forced to master the art of the suit. I only brought one full suit to Hong Kong with me, so lately I’ve been putting all my attention into shopping for work clothes. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about suiting and how to find the right fit. I hope to share all my findings in a blog post soon!


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České Budějovice



As a traveler, I look forward to exploring small towns more than big cities because they are less commercialized and have more culture. After visiting Prague I headed to České Budějovice, a very small town where everything is easily within walking distance. It felt nice to be in a quiet and slow-placed town after spending a week in a bustling city.


České Budějovice’s town square is only a tiny fraction the size of Prague’s, but I wouldn’t say that it’s any less beautiful. The buildings in this town are so well-preserved that I can hardly believe they’re historical. The pastel-coloured houses looked so stunning during golden hour; my photos just don’t do them justice.




The main reason that tourists cut through České Budějovice is to visit the Budweiser factory that’s slightly outside of the town. Yes, this is where all European Budweiser is brewed and packaged!

The only way to visit the inside of the factory is with a guided tour. When I arrived to the factory, I was told that all English tours had been sold out for the day and I’d have to try again the next day. Because I was pressed for time and couldn’t come back again, I was really disappointed to learn about this. But just as I was about to leave, a group of British senior travellers noticed my situation and invited me to join them on their private group tour! I felt so blessed that I was lucky enough to run into them just in the nick of time. I’m always super grateful when I encounter kindness from strangers in a foreign country :) Thank you again!




The best part of the tour was being able to try some freshly brewed Budweiser beer (before it gets sealed into a can/bottle).


The pipeline of work for packaging Budweiser beer – what a vision!



All packed and ready to go!



I’m wearing:

Polo : Topman | Shorts : Banana Republic | Shoes : Zara | Sunglasses : Opening Ceremony (c/o) | Watch : Timex

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#AEOLive in Hong Kong



Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the kick off of American Eagle Outfitters’ Live MEGAzine in Tsim Sha Tsui. I felt a rush of nostalgia when I received this invite because AEO used to be one of my favourite brands to wear when I was in middle school in Canada. While I’ve worn/known about American Eagle for most of my life, the brand just expanded into Hong Kong in recent months. It’s always exciting for me to find pieces of my Canadian life over here!


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