I hope everyone had an awesome American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! Back in Canada I used to be the type who would stay up all night  in hopes of  snagging  a deal. Now that I’m in Hong Kong where Black Friday doesn’t exist, I miss experiencing the adrenaline of these massive sale events. Fortunately, East Dane and a few of my other favourite online stores offer free worldwide shipping, so I didn’t completely miss out on all the fun.



I haven’t worn this Versace x H&M tee for over 3 years. It’s a rather eccentric piece, so I feel that I have to cover it up  with a layer. Last time I wore it was to a bar and I paired it with a  basic black blazer. In these photos I wore it with a moto vest for a more rocker feel. As much as I like vests, I never used to wear them much in Canada because it was always too cold.  I’m thankful for the current 20-25 degree weather in Hong Kong as it has given me  more  opportunities to wear the vests that I used to neglect.




Yesterday marked my two months of being in Hong Kong. The one word  that I would use to describe my current life is non-stop. Although it’s only been 2 months, I feel like I’ve been here for half a year because things have been happening at such a fast-paced. I have learned more at work in the past month than I ever did at my old job where I was employed for a year. I have made more friends in the past two months in Hong Kong than I have in the last two years in Vancouver. I feel so blessed to have encountered the people and circumstances that I  am now surrounded with. Of course, this all comes at a price – I’m so so so tired. On weekdays I usually leave the house before 8am and I get home at about 9pm (if I don’t go out for dinner after). On weekend nights I tend to have breakfast before heading home (overnight hangouts are the norm here). I now truly understand what it means to “work hard play hard” . But although I’m perpetually exhausted, I can’t be more pleased with where my personal and professional lives  seem to be heading – and this is all just the beginning!

There’s still much more room for improvement though. First of all, my struggle with time management has really made me want to pull out my hair at times.  Working 50 hours/week and freelancing (I’m a freelance web developer) is already heavy enough, yet I still want to leave my weekends open for my friends and family. Due to this, my blogging and social media schedule has unfortunately fallen apart. I would love to be able to make more time for this hobby of mine and I’m constantly trying new ways to manage my time. If you have any  tips and suggestions for time management, I would be happy to hear them!

I’m wearing:

 Tee : Versace x H&M | Vest : Zara | Pants : H&M | Boots : Forever 21 | Bag : Jerome Dreyfuss (c/o) | Watch : Seiko (c/o)

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  • Love taht shot by the posters! Where is it? I can imagine how early you woke up for the shot 😉 ohh I miss hk! So jelly you can still wear a tee!

  • It’s fantastic how the t-shirt has no ageing design, still actual, still top!

    I am shocked you are working and playing so hard =D, 50hrs of work in a week and than so hard parties in weekend..I think I will be too old for it..just be cautious, you know ;), but enjoyyy =)
    Michael / facebook

  • borka gamero

    Perfection <3
    wish you a great week ahead…

  • Deborah Poh

    Wow congrats Justin, it’s so awesome reading about your HK professional and extracurricular exploits– I’m so inspired by you to keep working hard (and playing hard)! While I feel lots of people (like me) would fold under the pressure of working so many hours and feeling like everything is non-stop, you seem to be flourishing and enjoying yourself. I really am happy to hear that you’re learning so much and making so many new friends– both are things that are invaluable ingredients to a satisfying lifestyle.

    In regard to this outfit, I love the Versace x HM tee, so glad you finally could wear it even though it’s technically winter (do you miss the snow we’re having right now). Also, so true about vests, I can never find the right opportunity to wear them here in Canada. My fiance went Black Friday shopping in the states but I had to work the next day so I settled for some frenzied shopping before my late work shift at the mall (which was THE WORST by the way). I hope you can visit Vancouver again sometime because I’m sure it (and the people) miss you lots!

    xx Debbie

  • Anshul Bhargava

    Wow…50 hours a week? That’s crazy!!!! But as long as you’re enjoying what you’re doing, only that should matter! Btw, I love Hong Kong!! IT’s a shopping paradise!! Gosh!! :p And you’re looking great! I love that denim vest! :)

  • Emmanuel Faminu

    Great Look Justin! You have a very nice blog and especially because it’s a men’s fashion blog which you don’t see too often.
    You have such a busy life, I can relate to that Lol, I study Medicine and I’m a fashion Stylist and blogger so every second of the day counts but you just have to enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll be fine
    Have a great day justin. You should check out my blog and instagram @akinfaminu, I’ll do the Same :-)

  • Your looks are getting so urban! Love it. And cool pants!

  • Love your gemeotric top <333 I really love that print

  • borka gamero

    How beautiful…Such an inspiration!
    Kisses from Miami,

  • You are always so stylish and inspiring. Really like your blog

    have a nice day!