Canadian Tuxedo



Wore this double denim and double mustard look while grabbing brunch in Tai Ping Shan. Even in Hong Kong, I still love being in my Canadian tuxedo. If you’re ever in Sheung Wan on a weekend morning/afternoon, I highly recommend having a meal at Nosh. It’s seriously the best brunch I’ve had since I left Canada, and that says a lot!


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Old Macau



Sharing some more photos that I shot in Macau over the holidays. Macau is significantly smaller than Hong Kong but this city but it has done a better job in preserving its heritage and culture. While in Macau I stayed at my relatives’ home on the Macau Peninsula. I really enjoyed strolling around this area as it is filled with old buildings, delicious eateries, and a plethora of…motorcycles.


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January Favourites from East Dane


january-favsI enjoy shopping during January because I like to kick off the year with some wardrobe updates. Since I live in Hong Kong and Spring is just around the corner, I’m already starting to pick some fresh and lighter pieces. Here are some of my top picks from East Dane this month:

  1. Apolis Oxford Shirt – A crisp and high-quality white or light blue oxford shirt is a piece that is definitely worth investing in.
  2. Zanerobe Dynamo Pants – Tapered pants are the epitome of comfort and style, and I particular love how these ones have the detail of a contrast cuff.
  3. Lotuff Leather Canvas & Leather Backpack – This canvas and leather backpack is perfection! Backpacks don’t get more stylish than this.
  4. Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet – Lately I’ve preferred slim and light wallets over thick and heavy ones. This one seems to do the trick very well.
  5. Jack Spade Duncan Digital Watch – The last time I owned a digital watch was probably back in grade school, and it was definitely not this cool!
  6. Sperry Cloud Python Slip-On Shoes – It seems that Sperry’s are going beyond just making boat shoes, and I like where they’re going with it.
  7. Jack Spade Battery Back Up Phone Charger – I never leave the house with a spare battery pack now, and I love how this one comes in a fun and bright orange!
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Year in Review : 2014


Happy Belated New Year! I’m probably the last blogger on Earth to write a Year in Review for 2014 – I’ve had a hectic start to the New Year and I can’t believe we’re already two weeks in.


2014 was the most epic year of my life. In this one year I traveled across 20 different countries, worked on some very cool projects for my blog, met with my dear friends and family from around the world, and most significantly, I relocated to my dream city – Hong Kong. This year will definitely be hard to top off! I think I will always look back to 2014 and smile.

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