Year in Review : 2014


Happy Belated New Year! I’m probably the last blogger on Earth to write a Year in Review for 2014 – I’ve had a hectic start to the New Year and I can’t believe we’re already two weeks in.


2014 was the most epic year of my life. In this one year I traveled across 20 different countries, worked on some very cool projects for my blog, met with my dear friends and family from around the world, and most significantly, I relocated to my dream city – Hong Kong. This year will definitely be hard to top off! I think I will always look back to 2014 and smile.

January 2014 – Soho, Hong Kong

My first moments of 2014 were spent in Hong Kong. At this point in time, I had not visited Hong Kong in almost 5 years, so I was unsure if I would still enjoy the city. Turns out, I liked Hong Kong so much that I decided I had to move here. During this trip I met up with Nick from Cut & Copy – we connected online through blogging and we met up while I was in town. He introduced me to Soho and I immediately fell in love with the area. I can hardly believe that one year later, I now live in Soho!


January 2014 – Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


February 2014 – Steveston, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver transformed into Silent Hill during parts of the year as the city was shrouded in thick fog. This made driving more difficult, but it made my blog shoots a lot more interesting.


February 2014 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In mid-February I flew back to my hometown to spend Chinese New Years with my parents. This also happened to be the coldest time of the year, and the temperature dipped down to -30 degrees Celsius at times! I’m always proud to tell people that I grew up in the prairies.


March 2014 – Vancouver, BC


April 2014 – Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Drumheller was my favourite place on Earth as a kid because I was a dinosaur fanatic. For my birthday in 2014, I flew back to Calgary and went to revisit the awesome Badlands with my parents.


April 2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It was my honour to be the sole male blogger to participate in the Lacoste Style Challenge in 2014!


May 2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


May 2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The Vancouver Waterfront is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


June 2014 – Stockholm, Sweden

In June I embarked on my three month long trip to Europe. Part of this was on my own, part of it was joined by my childhood friend Ada. Although this trip was long and tiring, it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

First stop was in Sweden – I was blown away by this futuristic city! Also, I learned that Swedish people don’t eat meatballs as much as we think they do.


June 2014 – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki has the best bike trails that I’ve ever seen in a city. Biking around Helsinki was one of my happiest days in the year!


June 2014 – Tallinn, Estonia

Staying in Old Tallinn made me feel as if I had warped back in time. All the medieval buildings in Tallinn had really interesting doors – I literally took pictures of every single one.


June 2014 – Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is a small and lesser known capital city, but they have the best food ever! I miss Lithuanian food so much and I have no clue when I’ll get to have it again.


 June 2014 – Krakow, Poland

Poland is one of the countries that I wanted to visit the most in Europe, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Warsaw and Krakow are both stunning cities with so much culture and history. Of course, I ate my fair share of perogies too! I even paid a visit to Auschwitz, and it reminded myself to be thankful for living in a peaceful time and age.


June 2014 – Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

The reviews were true – the Czech Republic is such a gem! I particularly loved Cesky Krumlov, a small and colourful town that looks like a fairy tale.


July 2014 – Budapest, Hungary

Even though my friend Ada and I were in Hungary, we didn’t forget about Canada Day!


July 2014 – Bratislava, Slovakia


July 2014 – Vienna, Austria

Posing at the Schloß Schönbrunn, where Mozart once performed for the Royal family.


July 2014 – Bled, Slovenia

In Slovenia, I learned that rowing a boat is not nearly as easy as it looks =(


July 2014 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Visited the film site of Game of Thrones! Dubrovnik is the coolest historic city I’ve visited.


July 2014 – Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Eating a Burek while strolling through Sarajevo. When my Mom found out I was in Bosnia, she flipped out and asked me to leave immediately, since she thought the country was very dangerous. Sorry Mom for making you worry! But other than having to be more careful with safety precautions, Bosnia was by far the most unforgettable place that I’ve traveled to. Blog post to follow up soon!


July 2014 – Ruins of Myra, Turkey

What might have been more dangerous than traveling in Bosnia was driving in Southern Turkey. Originally my friend Ada volunteered to drive us from Antalya to the Ruins of Myra (she’s a much better driver than I am), but she got food poisoning along the drive and I had to take the wheel. I’m so thankful that we made it out safely!


July 2014 – Istanbul, Turkey

I just love this photo, although I felt that I totally paid for this restaurant’s view and not it’s food. Tourist traps…they work.


August 2014 – London, United Kingdom

After four visits to London…I finally snapped a photo with the Big Ben! London is one of my favourite cities and a trip to Europe would not be complete without it.


August 2014 – Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom


August 2014 – Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom


August 2014 – Manchester, United Kingdom

Made a trip up to Manchester to visit my high school friend Katy and her now fiance. High School was quite a number of years ago and I’m so happy that we still make the effort to see each other whenever I’m in the UK!


August 2014 – Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Immediately after I returned to Canada from Europe I made my way to Squamish to attend the Squamish Valley Music Festival. Thanks to the Hudson’s Bay Company, I got the opportunity to attend the 3-day event as a brand ambassador for Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply!


August 2014 – Sea-to-Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada

Stopped by this unbelievable view as I drove back down to Vancouver from Whistler. For a moment there, I hesitated moving away from Canada.


August 2014 – New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

These Opening Ceremony Sunglasses from East Dane are my most-used accessories this year. They’re currently sold out but there are many other great similar options available!


August 2014 – Portland, Oregon, United States

Voodoo Donuts and Salt & Straw Ice Cream. That’s all.


August 2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hosted the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply Event at the Hudson’s Bay Vancouver with Alison from Styling my Life! This was the first time I hosted a fashion event and I was thrilled to end my blogging career in Canada with this achievement!


August 2014 – Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Before leaving North America I had to make a trip down to Vegas to see my childhood muse Britney Spears in concert.


August 2014 – Death Valley, California, United States

I lasted a good 5 minutes in Badwater Basin, the lowest and hottest point in North America. One more check off the bucket list!


September 2014 – Calgary, Alberta,Canada

Growing up I always hated snow, but I was happy to witness one more snowfall before moving out of Canada.


September 2014 – Canmore, Alberta,Canada


September 2014 – Lethbridge, Alberta,Canada

Made a road trip down the Southern Prairies to visit my best friend Sam. There’s not much going on in Southern Alberta, but this view though…


September 2014 – The Chief, British Columbia,Canada

Couldn’t leave BC without conquering The Chief!


October 2014 – Central, Hong Kong

Shortly after celebrating my 20 years of living in Canada, I moved back to Hong Kong. My first blogging activity in Hong Kong was to shoot a project for Seiko’s Astron GPS Watch. I chose to do it in Hong Kong’s Central Business District during early morning hours.



October 2014 – Sai Wan, Hong Kong

Another blogging highlight in Hong Kong is that I got to attend an American Eagle event where I got to meet Fred Cheng, my favourite TVB Singer/Actor!


October 2014 – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Checking the time on my Daniel Wellington Watch at the MTR station. You can still save 15% off your purchase on with my coupon code: jstn_sfl.


November 2014 – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong I worked at my first job that required a full suit. Been using this Jack Spade Canvas Briefcase for work almost everyday – it’s another favourite item of mine in 2014!


November 2014 – Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

This was the first year in my life that I wore shorts in November. This statement shirt is from Gitman Vintage.


December 2014 – Macau

Spent the Holidays with my family in Macau. Love the food and culture of my Father’s hometown!


December 2014 – Macau

Last blog post of 2014 – wearing the Christmas sweater that I wear once a year.


For me, 2014 was daring, adventurous, and unimaginable. While I was spending most of 2014 travelling around the world, I had no clue what I would do and where I would be next! In 2015, my resolution is to build a stable and meaningful life in Hong Kong. Moving to this city was my dream for so long and I look forward to finding my place here.

Wishing everyone all the best in 2015, and speak to you all soon!

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  • Nice recap! And you are right, it is unbelievable that we are almost two weeks in new year..time is running so fast.
    And yay, you were also in Bratislava. Ok, another city we can guide you through in case of next visit 😉
    Keeping my fingers crossed for moving to Hong Kong ^_^
    All the best in 2015,

    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Michael! Your support means a lot :)

  • really nice to see all of ur outfits in a row. you look very natural and good on every pic!! howw >.< haha and the photgrapher is also very skilled.

    • Justin L

      Thanks buddy! Appreciate your kind words!

  • Love your last year full of adventures, visiting inspiring places, meeting new people. I’m glad I you like Poland and you are not disappointed. Wish you even better 2015.
    Hugs, Nabil 😉

    • Justin L

      Thanks Nabil! I’d love to visit Poland again!

  • What a year! As a reader, I’d say it was a time of great denim cutoffs, fierce hair cuts, and amazing sun glasses 😉

    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Jocellyn!! :)

  • stylentonic Constantinos

    Travelling in style! Your 2014 was really interesting boy! Have a super amazing 2015 too! xxx

    • Justin L

      Thanks man! You too!