Cheung Chau



I snapped these photos a while back when I visited Cheung Chau with my friend Richard. I hadn’t visited one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands in a while and I appreciate how Cheung Chau is an easy getaway from the city smog.




I always feel calm and relaxed when I’m in fishing villages. I didn’t get to try any of seafood in Cheung Chau on this visit, but it’s on my list for next time.



A trip to Cheung Chau wouldn’t be complete without trying their famous fish balls! So good!




This Bellerose jacket I’m wearing is a new addition to my wardrobe. I love its young and collegiate vibe; I’ll definitely be wearing it lots this Spring.


I’m wearing:

Jacket : Bellerose (c/o East Dane) | Tee : Uniqlo | Jeans : Topman | Shoes : New Balance | Sunglasses : Opening Ceremony

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  • This seems like my kind of place. A good mix of dark colors and light colors :) Love the shot of the boats!

    • Justin L

      Thank you Jocellyn!

  • When I get your posts on my reader for wordpress, I find your photos and fashion styles to be amazing, have ‘followed’ you for over a year, but don’t use facebook, google or other choices listed. I am with hotmail and wordpress. Smiles, Robin

    • Justin L

      Thanks a lot for the support, Robin!! Appreciate the kind words!

  • Nice photos with beautiful photos. I always enjoy your new posts, always interested where they bring me next time, what new places you show us ^_^


    • Justin L

      Thanks a lot Michael, always appreciate you stopping by!

  • Great outfit! Love the shots by the water – such a beautiful location!


    • Justin L

      Thank you Thank you Alex!!