Grey Matter



Throughout most my life I’ve only really bought black accessories. This year I’ve leaned towards purchasing grey pieces instead, since I’m finding grey to be more refreshing and sleek. In the past month I’ve purchased two grey accessories: this S’well water bottle and this Mujjo leather iPhone case.


This S’well water bottle is the best water bottle I’ve ever owned. It keeps my water ice cold even on the hottest of days. I purchased it in the 25oz capacity and I aim to drink 4 of these during my work day. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this bottle looks so good too.


I’ve been receiving compliments about this Mujjo iPhone case everywhere I go. I find its built-in card slot to be super handy and putting my Octopus card inside has made my life easier.



In case you’re in the mood to shop, East Dane is currently doing 25% off sale items from now until June 25. I’m really impressed at the number of bags and accessories that have a steep discount! Do check it out when  you have a moment.

Water Bottle : S’well  | iPhone Case : Mujjo

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  • Franko Dean

    Super cool, I love grey in clothes, accessories etc .✌

  • I make it a point to buy appealing glasses and mugs. The more attractive they are the more I’m apt to drink. Strange, right? I love that grey one (hops onto website)

  • Ooo both are these are super slick! I want one of those water bottles!

  • I love both these accessories! I feel the same about colour, I use to be a all black kinda gal but this year ive been switching up my game to pastels, white, grey, marble…love the transition. That water bottle is so nice that it’ll push me to drink more water if I had it and I love that phone case, so handy!

    Stephanie |