Yue Xiu



On my last day in Guangzhou I visited the Yue Xiu district. I was recommended here by a local friend who told me that Yue Xiu park is where he spent most of his childhood. Guangzhou is a really busy city but this park is a nice getaway from that. I also appreciate the hints of historic Chinese architecture that can be found around here.

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Those of you who have followed my blog and social media for a while know that I’m usually a very avid traveler. But, this year my travelling slowed down since I’ve been busy with establishing my new life in Hong Kong. I won’t be on the road again until September, so in the mean time, here are some photos that I shot in Guangzhou a few months ago.

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Freakin’ Weekend



Another weekend, another black and white look. I’ve actually worn this look for two weekends in a row now. Lately it’s been so hot in Hong Kong that I only consider wearing shorts and a tee every time I go out.

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Canada Day in Repulse Bay



Happy Belated Canada Day and Independence Day to all my friends up north! It’s a great coincidence that Canada Day (July 1) also happens to be a public holiday in Hong Kong, so I spent it in the outdoors at Repulse Bay beach. This was my first visit to a beach in Hong Kong and I appreciated this break from the city smog. It was rather cloudy for a day at the beach, but I didn’t mind it since I’m no good with super hot weather anyways.

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