First Night in Tokyo



Hello from Tokyo! I’m currently travelling in Tokyo now and I wanted to share a quick update. Last time I was in Tokyo was ten years ago and I am thrilled to be back. So far this city has been everything I expected and more. Will share more of my travel stories in my next few upcoming posts.

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Black and White



A quick post today featuring this look that I wore to my friend’s birthday High Tea at the Lee Gardens. It’s great how a black and white look is so sharp yet easy to assemble. The only hard part is keeping this white jeans crisp and clean.

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It was supposedly the last weekend of summer a few days ago, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Having a hard time coping with this September heat wave and I sure hope the Fall breeze arrives soon.

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Macau Again



I haven’t had time to shoot any new photos lately, so in this post I’m sure some photos that I took in Macau earlier this summer. Even though I’m frequently in Macau to visit family, I never get sick of the city’s delicious food, historic streets, and beautiful hotels. But asides from Macau and other short trips to China, I haven’t actually boarded a plane this year since my trip to Bangkok in February. Being so travel deprived, I absolutely can’t wait to visit Tokyo in a couple of weeks! If any of you have any recommendations for what to see and eat in Tokyo, I would love to hear.

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