One of my favourite places in Macau is Coloane. It is the southern-most island of Macau and it’s a quiet area that’s off the tourist map. To be completely honest with you, my main reason for visiting was so that I could grab a bite of the Portuguese tarts at Lord Stow’s Bakery here. They’re supposedly the best in Macau and I thoroughly enjoyed them. After my snack I went on a stroll around the quaint and colourful Coloane village.

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Weekend in Macau



Hello from Seattle! I am currently back in the Canada and the States for a few weeks to see family and friends. I’ve just been back for a few days and I’m treasuring every second here. You can follow my most recent updates on Instagram here. One quick note though, East Dane is doing their semi-annual Family and Friends sale now – most items are 25% off. Good luck shopping!

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On my last day in Tokyo I wore a casual look featuring this Levi’s Trucker vest that I found at the back of my closet. I had an amazing time in Japan and I know that I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Next time I’m in this country I look forward to visiting smaller cities such as Fukuoka or Okinawa for a whole different experience.

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After spending a few days in Tokyo, we decided to leave the city and see the rural parts of Japan. Originally we had planned to visit the Fuji Five Lakes, but we couldn’t make the trip because all the buses were full due to it being a public holiday. We changed plans last minute to go to Hakone by train instead. I’m the type of guy who usually has a strict travel plan, but for this excursion it was refreshing to wander off into somewhere that I had done little research on.

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Tokyo Times



In Tokyo I was blessed with the best weather possible. For the entire trip it was 20-some degrees with no rain at all. To make the best use of this weather, we spent a lot of time exploring the city on foot. Although the Tokyo metro map is a nightmare, the city itself is actually not too hard to navigate when  you’re above ground. This was also the first trip where I traveled with a Wifi Egg and it made everything so much easier. Armed with this gadget there wasn’t a single moment that I felt lost in translation.

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