After spending a few days in Tokyo, we decided to leave the city and see the rural parts of Japan. Originally we had planned to visit the Fuji Five Lakes, but we couldn’t make the trip because all the buses were full due to it being a public holiday. We changed plans last minute to go to Hakone by train instead. I’m the type of guy who usually has a strict travel plan, but for this excursion it was refreshing to wander off into somewhere that I had done little research on.


Our train ticket included a ride on the ferry that crosses Lake Ashinoko. Mount Fuji is supposed to be visible from this lake on a clear day, but unfortunately we weren’t so lucky. Being surrounded by nature made me feel at peace and reminiscent of my days in Canada.






My favourite part of Hakone was the Hakone Jinja Shrine. While I found the shrines in Tokyo to be too crowded and touristy, the shrine here was much more traditional and quaint. I also love how it is buried deep within the woods and takes a short hike to reach.




Photos by Edmond Lam

I’m wearing:

Shirt : Rag & Bone | Tee : Cotton On | Shorts : Chocoolate | Shoes : New Balance | Backpack : Herschel (c/o)

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  • Love the photos. I miss Japan so much & I almost felt as if I was there when going through your post. Am going to check out the others now. I love to research before I explore too but it is nice to be spontaneous & take it easy every once in a while!


    • Justin L

      Thanks for the kind words, Shannon! Glad to hear that you enjoy Japan too!

  • I’ve been to Japan twice and have been absolutely awestruck both times! I definitely need to visit more rural places there, though. Everything’s captured beautifully here and I love your style! :-)

  • lovely photos. Japan is beautiful

  • I visited Tokyo – Hakone – Kyoto last year and it was so beautiful. I agree with you the shrine in Hakone is great. I just love this country so much. Your pictures captured perfectly the beauty of the place.

    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com