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Happy Belated New Year, everyone! I guess the late greetings are due to the fact that I’ve been enjoying 2016 too much. It has been a while since I’ve written any personal updates on this blog, so I plan to do some sharing in this post. But before I do that, I have some fashion news to share first. FWRD (the luxury sister brand of REVOLVE) is now offering free DHL express shipping to Hong Kong! In celebration of this, the site is now offering 15% off for all purchases to Hong Kong from now until January 31. Happy shopping!


I shot these photos on my last day of living in Sheung Wan. As some of you may already know from Instagram, I recently moved from Sheung Wan to the New Territories in Hong Kong. It’s been almost two months already and I believe I’m adjusting well to the change.


As you could probably have guessed, these photos were taken in early morning before I headed off to work. This Tumi Leather Briefcase has consistently been my reliable work bag for almost a year now.



As of now, I have lived in Hong Kong for just over a year. Honestly, I’m somewhat surprised that I’m still here. It’s true that Hong Kong is a place full of opportunities and I appreciate this very much. But, it’s also true that Hong Kong is one of the world’s most expensive cities to rent in. Considering that I just graduated a couple years ago and that I relocated to this new city independently, the latter hit me pretty hard. In the year that I lived in Sheung Wan, I didn’t have an ideal living space at all. For my whole year there I lived in a small studio with no kitchen and very little limited natural lighting. I practically ate out for every meal and avoided being in my “shoebox” home as much as possible.

Given that the cost of renting in Hong Kong Island is equally high or even higher than that of renting in Manhattan or London, I knew that the only way I could have a proper home is if I move out to the suburbs. In the last couple of months I fully settled into my new apartment in the New Territories (the northern suburbs of Hong Kong) and I am extremely happy with it. My current building is just five years old and I have my own television, dining table, laundry and kitchen. For the first time since I started my long Europe trip in mid-2014, I feel like I’m not nomadic anymore. I feel like Hong Kong is home.

Looking back to this blog post that I wrote when I first moved to Hong Kong, I realize that a lot has been accomplished in the last year. In October of 2014 I landed in Hong Kong with no home, no job, and no friends. I have a home here now, I have a job at a management consulting company that I’m very proud of, and in the last year I have built some of my life’s most meaningful friendships. However, the struggle in Hong Kong is still real. Living in a new country alone is still a very challenging task, and I reckon that I’ll still have a hard time for years to come. But the bottom line is, I am happy here. What else matters?

There is one thing that I’m particularly excited about this year – I’m becoming a student again. I recently got accepted in a part-time Masters program and my first course will begin in February. I look forward to this experience and where it may take me. Sometimes I forget this, but I’m still in the beginning of my story. It’s only been my first year in Hong Kong and I’m sure the best has yet to come.

Thank you all for reading!

I’m wearing:

Jacket : Topman | Shirt : Banana Republic | Pants : COS | Shoes : Frye (via YOOX) | Briefcase : Tumi (c/o East Dane)

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  • Hello,

    Beautiful pics ! 😀

    Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.com/

    • Justin L

      Thank you Saraah!

  • How nice that the new year has been treating you so well. Congratulations on becoming a Masters student!

    • Justin L

      Thank you kindly, Rowena!

  • Adalias C

    The photos are stunning and i’m loving the blazer, also congratulations on being accepted into a masters programme!


    • Justin L

      Aw thanks Adalias!

  • Super chic look!

    Made in MauveBloglovin

    • Justin L


  • As an expat I can relate to your post (even though expats have it easier since the company sends us we don’t go oversea in our own). For someone who just came a year ago by himself to HK you already accomplished a lot. Congrats for your masters program and wish you many blessing for 2016.

    Aurelie | http://www.surface85.com

    • Justin L

      Thank you for this kind comment, Aurelie! Many blessings to you too!

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    your blog now. Nice theme and design, btw!

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    me checking this link

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    • Justin L

      Thank you! :)

  • So happy for your new place! And I’m so proud of you for being able to be so strong to move to a new country independently. It definitely is a great adventure and experience. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead and I’ll be back in March, so see you soon? :)

    Stephanie | http://www.stephykeung.com

    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Stephy! Yes, look forward to being reunited with you!

  • Alix Niyonkinzo

    Yes, looks so dapper my friend! And happy new to you and I hope you have a good experience in the new country <3

    / Alix N,

    @ http://www.acommonobsession.com

    • Justin L

      Thanks so much Alix! Appreciate the support!

  • That’s amazing! I am originally from HK so I understand that the struggle is incredibly real…but congrats on your new place. There’s truly nothing like home!



    • Justin L

      That’s true Tommy! Thank you for the kind support!