Chinese New Year



Kung Hei Fat Choy! Happy Year of the Monkey to you all! This was my second Chinese New Years in Hong Kong and I’m enjoying it more and more this year as I get the hang of all the traditions. I highly appreciate this holidays’ positive atmosphere, festivities, and of course…the red pockets. For those of you who also celebrate the Lunar New Year, I hope you had a fantastic time as well!

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These are the last photos that I took from my trip to Canada – apologies that they are extremely delayed! They were shot at a Heritage school building in the Downtown area. Sure wish that my middle school looked this cool back in the day.

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Growing up in Central Canada was the most profound experience of my life. These photos were shot in Lake Louise, the most beautiful place in Canada (if not the world). For most of my life I lived within an hour’s drive away from this heavenly scene. It’s a special place to both my family and I.

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